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Geographics Company Inc.

Founded in 1968, GEOGRAPHICS offers complete graphic display production services. Our custom-made frames and back boxes are manufactured in-house, ensuring a quick turn-round time and high quality control standards. These frames are manufactured with versatile, strong, corrosion resistant aluminum and can be anodized in a variety of colours, and are also available in single door and inner door designs.

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Graphic display panels provide a vital system/human interface in schools, hospitals and commercial or industrial complexes for fire alarm, security and safety purposes. Design and manufacture of these panels is a specialized art requiring years of practical field experience and a thorough knowledge of electrical, mechanical and aesthetic needs. Our professional design team will present you with full sized computer generated drawings for your approval.

All Active graphics are wired in-house and can be connected to your multiplexed or hardwired system. Most of the wiring is done before the panel gets to the site, with little time required for hook-up. We recognize and meet the needs for fast, personal service in the field of essential communication and will perform refit work on site to accommodate changes to operating systems, thereby eliminating downtime. Our Panels are custom-made to your size and style requirements with passive or active film displays and all are vandal resistant.