Institutional key stations

GEO-KS (Key Station)

smokecontrolThe GEO-KS Key Station is designed for locations where a standard fire alarm pull station is not practical, due to unauthorized access. Typical applications include the institutional market such as prisons and mental health wards. Manufactured from a durable 1/4î fluorescent Acrylic material, which almost appears to be illuminated. Available configurations include: flush mount within a standard single gang box. Device uses the standard Government Issue C250 key for operation. Custom wiring is not required. Security mounting screws are included.

Click here to download the product PDF: GEO-KS_Series_A0.pdf

March 2019 - End of Life Notification

Please be advised due to supplier limitations and future supplier commitments of the C250 Key Cylinder, plus diminished sales, Geographics will no longer be manufacturing the GEO-KS-1SP & GEO-KS-2SP Institutional Key Pull Stations. We will maintain a limited stock for service and replacements of existing units based on our current stock levels.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Ray Vanelli