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GEO-3000 Series

The GEO-3000 series of active graphic products is specifically designed for normal use applications. The GEO-3000 Series features an attractive and extremely durable clear anodized aluminum frame and a 1/8î clear Lexan protective lens. The buildingís layout and zones are defined by a black outline on a white background with all egress corridors indicated in a distinctive black hatch pattern. As an option zone boundaries can be enhanced using zone separations in pastel inks. The graphic itself is printed in a UV protected ink on a film overlay which can be easily replaced if the building or zone layouts change over time. Mounting of customer supplied LCD displays, microphones and control panels is available. Graphics are available in either outer or inner door configurations. Available in flush, surface or shallow surface back-box mounting configurations. Alternatively the graphic can be mounted in a customer supplied enclosure.

Click here to download the product PDF: GEO-3000_Series_A0.pdf